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Try with an Instagram Audit! ($110 - Turnaround is 10 days)

I dive DEEP to give you an extensive and tailored report. I’ll send you a short questionnaire to better understand how you currently use Instagram and what your goals are. In the report I address every single aspect of your Instagram account and provide constructive and actionable suggestions for you to move forward with: Instagram bio, Your captions. Hashtags. Imagery. Stories. and Engagement. Then I bring ALL of those aspects together to give you a strong strategy to implement.

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NEW SERVICE: Full Year Framework!

FULL YEAR of done for you social media content package for 1 platform. Just 1,000 flat. Imagine not having to worry about what to post anymore? What if you only went online to post news or updates and everything else ran itself?


Marketing Strategies
Campaigns, brand development, storytelling for social media posts and newsletters.

Calendaring, planning, training.

Email Marketing
Implement and manage weekly newsletters.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Lead generation, growth, events, and brand awareness.


Content Creation
Social Curation: Captions, Research, Graphic Design, Blog, Photography, Videos, Brand building.

Social Media Management
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

Growth & Engagement
Organic and paid strategies. Organic and paid strategies depending on your business needs.


Brand Collaborations
Campaign ideation, influencer casting, negotiations.

Influencer Training
Monetizing, consulting, education, pitching.

Media Partnerships
PR and generate media coverage.

Community Management
Facebook groups, monthly memberships.